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Companies and businesses can sponsor FREE reusable notebooks for schools from only £399 ex vat  per school. Watch 1 min video to see how the reusable notebooks work

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For this one school will be sent 500 free reusable notebooks with your company logo and advert on rear cover. Companies please register and we will email you more details.

Register your company here (there is no commitment or payment required, we just send you more information)

Example notebooks

Sponsor more schools and save money

Number of schools

Total number of Reusable Notebooks

Cost (ex VAT)

Price per Notebook

Delivery into each school

1 School





10 Schools


 (£299 per school)



50 Schools


 (£199 per school)



100 Schools


(£149 per school)



250 Schools


£24,999 (£99 per school)



Benefits for your Business

• This will raise your profile of your business locally and nationally.

• The primary school will get free reusable notebooks. It is a win-win situation.

• It is a great way to promote your business and advertise your products and services
to primary school children, teachers and parents. You could include a discount
card or print a money off voucher on the notebooks.

• It will also build and strengthen your company relationship with your local
schools. In the future, your business could get involved in work experience, identify
potential employees and inform schools of the skills you look for in staff.

• Sponsoring reusable notebooks is good for corporate social responsibility and shows
your businesses cares about the local community.

What do BUSINESSES get for their reusable notebook sponsorship?

1. Personalised reusable notebooks with company branding and webpage address on front and back covers on every reusable notebook. These are sent directly to the head teacher of your nominated primary schools (available in 10 days from order).
2. Logo and name of primary school on front of the reusable notebooks.
3. 1/2 page school friendly advert and company information on rear cover.
4. Covering letter sent direct to head teacher with the notebooks saying you are sponsoring these notebooks for the school. It’s a great way to build a local relationship with primary schools, get new customers and increase sales.
5. Notebooks are sent free next day delivery on your behalf (delivery costs are included in the
sponsorship price).
6. You also get all this information you can use for telephone and email marketing.
Name of school, email of teacher requesting notebooks and job title, name of head teacher,
email, phone number of school and address of school. This information is 100% verified
and accurate.
7. Your company name and logo will appear as a sponsor on the registration page www. (21,000 primary schools can register).
8. National and local PR campaign September and October.
9. Twitter campaign and tweets promoting sponsorship (Magic Whiteboard has 8000 followers).
10. Your own A5 or A4 marketing materials can be added to the box we send.

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